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(updated 10/7/19)

With over 60 pieces of Illustration and Fanfiction, we are proud to introduce PRO8LEMATIC FAVES, a Homestuck fanzine that’s been in development since March 14th, 2019! 

This zine was created to showcase art featuring characters that have sparked heated, and at times passionate, debate within the fandom, to the extent of dipping into the validity and disparaged judgement of casual fans. 

Through positive creation and respect of one fan to another, 55 artists have created new drawings and stories for the fancy of those who've been looking for solidarity through the community, by the community. In this zine, you will occasionally find "commentary", which are simply comments made by artists about the pieces that they've made. You may find some of them enlightening!

Thank you for the support!

Zine Launch Stream




Pro8lematic Faves Zine (FULL PDF) 102 MB
Our Premise 64 kB
Credit Where Credit Is Due 124 kB


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all of these pieces look great and i can't wait to read the fics, but i think you're missing the actual cover.

edit: is xagave's comment for their zebede piece supposed to be "sample text"?


Thanks! Also gotcha, the covers been added after a hiccup!

Indeed that is purposefully their comment, haha.